Measles outbreak in Birmingham

We were recently informed of a measles outbreak in the United Kingdom, with some cases occuring in Birmingham. If you know that you never completed your full course of vaccination against Measles (usually as the MMR vaccine) then you may wish to speak to us to see if you are eligible for a vaccination. Sadly measles can be fatal, though in most cases it produces a viral illness and nasty rash which can have health complications. Please consider whether you ought to get a vaccination of you never had the full course previously. 

December 2017


Managing Chronic pain

Weight Loss and Fitness Service  

If you are interested in losing weight and improving your fitness, then in addition to the help that you can get from Eden Court, there is now the Health Exchange Service, which is free for all Birmingham residents and which accept self referrals. Through this service you can be allocated a personal trainer, and develop a plan to improve many areas of your health and wellbeing.

For more information take a look at their website here.

Your Health

Umbrella Health is a new service availabe for our patients to access sexual health advice, testing and contraception. Anyone can refer themselves directly and the service is confidential, non-judgmental and for people of all ages, genders and orientations. In addition we have our inhouse family planning and sexual heath clinic if you prefer to be seen at Eden Court.

Meningitis B vaccination

The National Meningitis B vaccination schedule started on September1st 2015 for babies aged 2 months (ie those born on or after May 1st 2015). Delivery of the Meningitis B vaccine at Eden Court is in line with this policy.
At the present time, children born BEFORE 1st May 2015 cannot be vaccinated at the surgery under the NHS policy. We apologise for any anxiety that this may concern but we can only provide vaccines to those who are eligible.
We believe that the vaccine can be obtained privately, but we cannot currently recommend any particular service locally.
Should the situation change we will endeavour to keep the website updated.


School Absence Policy


If your child is unwell and cannot attend school, it is not necessary to obtain a letter from the surgery to confirm the illness. Furthermore, it may not even be necessary for your child to be seen at the surgery, as many illnesses are self limiting and can be managed safely at home. This certainly includes most coughs, colds and tummy upsets. (follow links for advice on how to manage these things)

All of the local schools are aware of this policy and should not be asking parents to provide medical information from their GP. In certain special circumstances the schools may give parents some paperwork to bring to the surgery, but these requests are rare and should be only considered in exceptional circumstances.

NHS Public Health have a very useful chart on their website describing which illnesses should take specific time from school, and for what lengths of time should be considered. Follow this link for more details..

Birmingham Nail Care

If you or someone you care for needs help  looking after their nails, then a useful resource is the Birmingham Nail Care service. Lots more information can be found on their website, including how to find local services at an affordable rate. Many of the NHS podiatry clinics are no loner able to offer routine nail care services, and many patient have found this new service very useful.

Alzheimers Society

Eden Court is hosting special joint clinics with the Alzheimer's Society to provide extra care for patients and families of those with dementia.  Please ask at reception if this would be something you would like to know more about...


We are very keen to help support all those who care for their loved ones and neighbours. If you are a carer please make sure that your doctor is aware so that we can help you to get in touch with extra help and support where needed, and so that we can address the helath needs that you may have due to that caring role. We have a useful leaflet available which can be picked up in surgery or accessed below..


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