Our team

Eden Court has four permanent doctors, who are partners in the practice. You will be registered with one of these doctors, though you may choose who you wish to consult with 


Dr P Beighton (female)

Dr R Edwards (male)

Dr P Dhahan (male)

Dr N Aggarwal (male) 


The partners are available as usual for telephone consultations and videoconsultations duirng this COVID pandemic. We also have a salaried doctor Dr Anna McDonagh (female) who works everyday except Wednesday. 


Doctors in training

Currently we have one male doctor (Dr Lawrence) and three female doctors (Dr Hutchinson, Dr Afzal and Dr Mufti) training at Eden Court. They are all fully qualified doctors who have worked in hospitals and other surgeries, and are completing some of their training here at Eden Court.

Practice Nursing Team

Heather O'Sullivan and  Laura Butterworth are our practice nurses and can be consulted on a daily basis. They run some of our special clinics, and help manage many patients with long term illnesses.


They are supported by Diane Elkin our healthcare assistant, who is available each day for blood tests, Blood Pressure checks, other tests, some immunisations and smoking cessation clinics.


Shirley Gilleran is our diabetes support nurse who can offer expert advice on managing your diabetes. 

Practice Manager

Mrs Debbie Steele is our Practice Manager, and is responsible for running the day to day affairs of the surgery, and looking after our staff.


She can be contacted if you wish to pay us a compliment or make a complaint about any aspect of practice life. At Eden Court we take all types of feedback very seriously, and are committed to dealing with complaints in an honest, open and prompt matter. Forms to register a compliment or complaint can be obtained from reception or via this link to our contact us page.

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Partners: Dr P Beighton, Dr R Edwards, Dr P Dhahan, Dr N Aggarwal Practice Manager: Mrs D Steele